Ear Lobe

Where all ear lobe repair is done?

Ears are an aesthetically essential part of the face

So enlarged ear holes or split ear lobes can be noticed immediately.

Why ear holes enlarge / tear off ?

Ageing, gravity and weight of the earings are the many reasons for the enlarged ear holes.

As a person gets older,  the skin becomes lax and added to the gravity the ear hole enlarges

Due to trauma, also the ear lobe gets teared off.

We cannot change the ageing changes and gravity but we can wear a lighter ear rings.

How is Ear Lobe repair done?

The ear lobe is a structure without a cartridge in the ear.

  • It’s a daycare procedure
  • The doctor prepares the surgical part
  • Local anesthesia is injected for a painless procedure
  • Once the area becomes numb
  • The scar of the ear hole is excised and the surgeon reshapes the ear lobe to attain the desired shape.
  • It hardly takes one hour for the whole procedure for both ears.
  •  Sutures are removed on the fifth day if any.
  • Can also be done with Glue without sutures.

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