What is abdominoplasty?

Abdominoplasty is a surgical procedure where the doctors remove the excessive fats from the abdomen by removing extra fats and makes the muscles tightened. This is an advanced medical process where the patient also needs to educate himself or herself. This step is mainly taken by the people when all other measures failed

Who can go for abdominoplasty?

It is suitable for both males and females who are physically fit and fine. The women who have completed the family are perfectly fit for this procedure as they can tighten their muscles and reduce the skin. On the other hand, the male who is suffering from obesity can go through abdominoplasty for reducing the excessive fats around the belly.

How abdominoplasty is performed?

Here the surgeon will be making an incision across the abdomen for lifting the skin and repairing the abdominal wall muscles. The upper part of the skin and subcutaneous tissues will be pulled down between the belly button and pubic bone and the excess skin tissues will be removed. And finally, the surgeon will stitch the two sections of the skin by creating a new opening for the belly button.

Is abdominoplasty safe?

It does have minor risks like any surgery. The risks include infections, bleeding, and several complications that are caused due to local anesthesia. However, it is an extremely safe procedure. But before going for this process, ensure to ask your surgeon about the expected risks and the precautionary steps that are needed to be followed post-surgery.

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